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How the Social Media Course for Dummies was Born...

This social media online course was developed by The Tank Media to assist those users who want to do their own in-house marketing and possibly use it in conjunction with their own employees. After working for over a decade with a slew of awesome clients, there was still this absent mass of businesses who couldn’t afford an outside marketing firm, or kind of felt apprehensive to do in on their own, or even see the real need behind using social media as a viable marketing tool. So thus you have in one final swop, the social media online course was created that will revolutionize your company’s future outreach on the Internet.

Why an online course?

Well, why not! The great thing about this course is you can use it whenever you have time, or where ever you maybe located, or even no matter what day it is, you have complete access. Online instruction is the current mode of increasing our abilities in the comfort of our own home, if need be. Another great reason to study online is you can multi task and still get the job done while you’re furthering your educational pursuits.

What can you gain from our easy, hands-on methods?

You will learn all the creative secrets and methods that make social media a viable marketing tool in our current climate. I have added so much bang-for-your-buck that you’ll be up and running in a blink of an eye. And I left no stone unturned with creative methods that work in your favor. It’s all about knowing what to do and being able to do what you need to do!

Where will you use this valuable information?

You can make this work in a mom & pop home-style set up, or even a large commercial company, or what about a contractor, or an attorney, or someone in real estate, or in finance, and the list goes on and on. My goal is to give anyone the knowledge of how to use social media as a marketing arm to build your own brand. Exposure to the Internet is so imperative if you’re trying to grab an audience by selling a product or service.

How much is there to learn?

I developed over 100 short videos with simple explanations on how to get started and then what to do next. Easy is my main goal when it comes to retention and that’s why this online course is so fantastic. You’ll love it, you’ll use it and you’ll be glad you did!

When can I study?

That will be completely up to you. Maybe you’re on a cruise to Jamaica, or locked down in some Biospheric chamber of sorts, or it’s possible you’re in the backseat of some mini van waiting in line for a Big Mac. No matter your placement, this online social media course will be at your beckon call. It’s on the Internet that runs 24/7.

Who is gonna guide me down the rivers of adventure?

I’m will be your guide through this entire course with a few goals in mind. The first is setting the tone or environment. I’m an avid fan of laughing while you learn. So the entire time will be geared to enjoying your stay while online gathering the golden nuggets that will assist you to become more aware of Social Media Marketing.

  • How to secure Google local map ranking spot!

    The secrets to get more calls for local service/product provider!

  • How to Enhance Your Online Presence

    The key elements to build trust and make customers take actions!

  • How to attract more targeted customers on SM

    Take advantage of free SM platforms to get potential customers’ attention!

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