The Social Media Course

for Contractors

The Simple Guide to Manage Your SM Marketing!

*Our process is 100% flexible, and you can fit this around your own schedule

This Course is the Most Effective Tool for Online Marketing

  • No reoccurring monthly costs
  • Not only save $...but make $
  • Have complete control of your company's image
  • Utilize your current staff's potential


  • The Start up and Set up
  • The Marketing Plans
  • The Strategy Sessions
  • The Dos and Don'ts
  • The How Tos on Everything About SM Marketing
  • Get familiar with all the SM platforms so you can Rock n Roll

7 Magic Keys

  • Introduce the Most Powerful tools for SM Marketing
  • Secret Weapon to Design Professional Images Effortlessly
  • Grab the Secret Resource to Get the Things Done Right...with a Little $
  • Utilize Our Premium Industry Posting Templates for Maximum Exposure
  • The Untraditional Ways to Get More Fans & Likes
  • The Best Local Listing Sites to Enhance Your Local SEO Ranking

Simple Basics

  • Create the most appealing SM profiles and Biz Pages.
  • Dive into the details of each SM platform for the behind the screen secrets
  • Master the SM tools to be more productive
  • What to post to get the most traffic
  • When to post to be the most effective

Universal Course

  • Social Media Marketing Concept&Strategy Training
  • Master all the key skills to manage your Social Media accounts
  • Universal rules that apply to al the various platforms

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  • Learn at your own pace
  • Base your study time on your own schedule
  • No Pressure
  • No Crowded Classroom
  • You can repeat each lesson over and over
  • Take a few weeks or a few months or for life


  • Live 1-on-1 training
  • Either by Skype or in Person
  • Ask any questions you want
  • Customized business strategy
  • Evaluate your success via regular benchmarks
  • Use whiteboard technology for greater profit


  • Multimedia Course offers you the fexliblility to learn different ways
  • 100 HD Fun and Insightful Videos
  • PDF Keynote sheets
  • Repetition is always the greatest teacher
  • No one will be grading you


  • Lifetime membership learning access
  • 24/7 Online Classroom
  • Free Premium Marketing Templates
  • All the PDF E-books are yours forever
  • No one will be looking over your shoulder

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

As a contractor, it is really difficult to manage the day-to-day biz and also have to do social media marketing. It is just sooo time consuming! I bought the online Social Media Marketing Course to train my secretary. It's been a total success using what she learned for my construction company. And so worth the one time small investment!

John Jackson
John Jackson OC Construction Jackson

I used to pay tons of money monthly to mange my Social Media Marketing! I have been looking for a way to avoid this expense. This Social Media online Course is my answer. My assistant learned all the secrets of social media marketing and now she can do it very professionally!

Alex Smith
Alex Smith LA Star Construction

Social Media marketing is so new and sounds so complicated, I just had no idea where and how to start. The Social Media course offered very structured lessons and practical how tos to make it happen. Now I'm more heads-up about SM within such a short time of learning! My staff during off peak hours have been professionally trained by this course and now they are doing the deal on a daily basis! A true life changer!

Olivia Jones
Olivia Jones Windows King Inc.

I work for a construction company and my boss purchased the course for me to learn. It's so practical and useful for our company to use all the free templates and resources so we can do it on our own without hiring some marketing firm. I highly recommend this course to any construction company who wants to improve online presence and get more sales!

Lily Byrne
Lily Byrne Super Building Builder Inc.

SMCourse + 1-on-1 Consulting

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